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(Frequently Asked Questions)

1.What is the private spa?

Answer: The private spa is for anyone who would like to take a break from their busy day in a private setting exclusively for you without the distraction of other clients or staff.


2.How do I prepare for my visit to the spa?

Answer: Before the first session begins, we will complete an intake questionnaire. You do not need to be concerned about anything else. Please just allow your body and mind to relax.


3.How can I make an appointment?

Answer: It is very easy and straight-forward to use the booking page and schedule a time most convenient for you. If you are unsure how to do that or are having technical difficulties, please feel free to message me at 415-734-8741. I may be in a session, but will reply to your message as soon as I am finished.


4.What is the difference between a private spa and a regular spa?

Answer: A regular spa is a large business, often part of a chain, that accepts many clients with multiple staff members at the same time. The private spa only accepts one client at a time.


5.Does the rate of service include gratuity?

Answer: Gratuity is not included in the rate of service. Gratuity is the energy that confirms for me how satisfied and how much you enjoyed the session. I really appreciate each and every gratuity. Thank you so much.


6.How can I pay for the session?

Answer: Payment options available are Cash, Venmo, and Zelle.


7.What time should I arrive for my appointment?

Answer: Anytime at your convenience, but approximately 5-10 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time. If you arrive any earlier, PLEASE send me a message. Your time is always important to me and I will do my best to be ready at the scheduled time.


8.Can I take a shower?

Answer: Absolutely! Please notify me when you book your appointment that you wish to shower either before or after the session.


9.Can I make an appointment for a couples session?

Answer: I wish I could do that. Due to the fact this is a private spa operated by me alone, I can only take one person at a time.


10. Can I request the massage therapists’ gender?

Answer: There is no gender here. This is a private spa operated by me alone. Please allow me to take care of you for the session.


11. How often can I book a session?

Answer: You may schedule an appointment as often as you wish. This really depends upon how you are feeling. Please just listen to your body and be honest with your muscles. They are going to be with you forever.


12. I am a visitor from outside the United States. How can I make an appointment?

Answer: First, welcome to the beautiful city of San Francisco. You will enjoy a beautiful view of the city from the massage room. It is easy to make an appointment using the booking page on the website. Please fill in the phone number AND email address that will allow me to provide you with additional information after booking.


13.What is the difference between booking through the website and sending a message to Arbus to make an appointment?

Answer: This is an excellent question. Booking through the website is the best, easiest and fastest way to reserve the time most convenient for your schedule. Sending me a message to book an appointment will take longer as I am usually in a session and not able to respond immediately. I return messages as soon as possible when I finish a session, but it is possible that someone else will book online for the time you have requested while waiting on a response from me directly via message.


14.Is there parking available?

Answer: There is public parking available inside the building and around the area as well. Street parking in the immediate area. Click link for more information.


15.Do you accept walk-in clients?

Answer: Your time is always important to me. I only accept appointments scheduled in advance. This will guarantee you get the session at the time you wish.


16.Can I call you to make an appointment or to ask further questions?

Answer: This is a private spa operated by me alone. If you wish to speak with me in person, please message me requesting a phone call and be sure to include a time window when you are available to talk. (I do NOT accept any calls for advertisement! Return phone calls are only for clients.)


17.How can I give you a review?

Answer: Yes please! I always appreciate reviews. They are very important to me. As a small business, I need your support by sharing your opinion and experience in a review. Click here to leave your five-star review.


18.If I previously received a massage from you at another spa where you were on staff, may I book directly with you at your private spa?

Answer: In order to stay connected within the spa community, I have worked part time at a number of local businesses over time. This also helps me stay abreast of new techniques and am always looking for ways to improve my skills and the overall experience I provide in my private spa. You are most welcome to book a session directly with me at my private spa by using the website or sending me a message when you have any future questions.

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